UNGLI# stands for United Network Generating Lead Information where # stands for count. UNGLI# and related process is maintained by UTTAM LIFE MARKETING INFORMATICS (U.L.M.I.) which is a full-service marketing, promotion, and e-commerce business auxiliary agency operating in National Capital Region.

We simply believe in volumes.

Our team of experienced professionals will help you take your business to the next level.
  • We are Lead Generation Engine
  • We help businesses to sell and grow
  • We give vital marketing and sales solutions
What We Can Do for You
  • Strategic research and planning.
We can research the market, plan, and undertake marketing campaigns for your new product launches and for promoting your products and services that are already on the market.

  • Branding and visual design.
We can develop a unique brand identity for your company, create logos, brand names, and slogans.

  • Business Consultant.
We can plan, create, and execute complete marketing and sales channel systems.

  • Public relations.
We can prepare press releases, newsletters, and other promotional materials for publishing to blogs and social media sites.

  • e-Trainings.
We help people to attain mindset for developing themselves as a successful business owners.

Uttam Life Marketing Informatics (U.L.M.I.) is a registered business auxiliary firm engaged in online and offline marketing-sales and promotion of goods produced or service provided by different businesses and individuals.
We act as client relation management firm and hence there by engage new retail clients for products or services we market.
We offer more than just traditional solutions. We are specialists in Outdoor Media and Strategic Marketing Strategies. We offer plans that works and service that strikes bulls eye.

What: ULMI is a full-service marketing and PR firm dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services for businesses, organizations, and non-profits looking to fully leverage the market.
Who: We serve clients around NCR and across industries. We work with well established businesses looking to fully leverage what the market has to offer. What do all our clients have in common? They are smart! They are run by growth-oriented leaders who care just as much about community, giving back, and listening to their customers as they do about bottom line profits.
Why: Because we LOVE what we do! we rock at what we do. We understand the markets inside-out. More importantly, we also understand exactly how to use it to help companies take over the market. Luckily, we only use our powers for good.
Where: While we are online marketing firm based in Greater Noida, India we are a virtual company with a dedicated team around NCR. This works out nicely because we have clients pan India.
How: Through our magical ability to turn marketing efforts into clients. Well, that… and social media marketing, search engine optimization, and conversion, content marketing, and development, training, consulting, and speaking. Let’s just say when we say full-service we mean it.
Outsourced Marketing
Over 80% of our clients choose to outsource their marketing to us. Organizations across NCR trust us to serve as their marketing department.
Does this sound like you?
You run a business, and don’t have the resources to hire a full time in- house marketing team. Due to a lack of personnel, your marketing initiatives are scattered at best or nonexistent at worst. You recognize the need for a unified, consistent effort which delivers consistent and progressively better results.
You are the CMO or marketing manager in charge, and don’t have the in-house capacity or man power to implement all your marketing initiatives. You are looking for a company who can be your right hand, and help implement your initiatives.

You have multiple needs, but you don’t want to manage multiple agencies to get the job done. You are looking for a one source provider for offline marketing who can handle all your field efforts.If the above sounds like you, outsourcing your marketing may be the perfect solution!
If you’ve ever thought that your marketing could be stronger, we should talk.
The chances are that you could be our next awesome marketing case study. Contact our marketing company here.